How can I better control my home energy costs?

With energy expenses going up, there are a few processes you can take to lower the price of heating and cooling your home in Jacksonville.

Heating and cooling pieces of equipment frequently use more energy than any other appliance in your home. This is reflected on your monthly heating and cooling bill, but it’s critical to know utility costs can be controlled in a couple actions.

Upkeep: One way to manage utility expenses is to request yearly tune-ups. Furnace maintenance and AC maintenance helps your HVAC pieces of equipment operate properly and efficiently. Using dusty HVAC equipment can result in decreased efficiency and damage to your equipment.

High efficiency: If you’re in the market for an updated HVAC system, think about getting a high-efficiency system. They’re made to reduce your energy bills and save natural resources. When selecting an updated HVAC piece of equipment, check for the HVAC energy-efficiency ratings—SEER for air conditioners and AFUE for furnaces. The greater the SEER or AFUE, the greater the efficiency and savings.

Zoning: Home zoning can tremendously decrease your heating expenses. This divides your house into separate comfort areas, which are heated or cooled based on your preferences. With a zoning system, you no longer pay to heat or cool infrequently used spaces. And you can enjoy the exact temperature you need in highly occupied areas.

Smart thermostats: Smart thermostats can make a major difference in energy consumption. These thermostats adjust to your household’s routine and adjust energy use while you’re not at home. You can also use your smartphone or other Wi-Fi-enabled device to change temperature settings away.