“I wish to go on a cruise”

In January 2018, we had the incredible opportunity to host a wish reveal party for Payton, who is living with a neurological disorder.

The reveal took place at Service Experts’ North American headquarters in Plano. Payton, who was under the impression that he was sharing details about his Make-A-Wish journey, sat down for a mock news conference with Service Experts employees. After a short Q&A session, Payton learned that his wish was being granted as confetti cannons blasted and music from his favorite band played.

An Update on Payton

We have had the honor of keeping in touch with Wish Kid Payton and his family through Make-A-Wish® North Texas. We talked to Wish Mom Shanna – Payton’s mother – who shared some valuable insight about why wishes are so important.

How did you feel when you learned that Payton would have a wish granted?

When I learned Payton would have a wish granted by Make-A-Wish, I was overcome with emotions. I cried with excitement. I cried with sadness that he needed a wish. I felt very humbled. Most of all, I was extremely grateful he was given this opportunity and happy for my son. He deserves the world and has endured so much throughout his journey.

What has been the most memorable part of your family’s journey with Make-A-Wish?

There have been many memorable parts to our journey with Make-A-Wish. The most memorable has to be the connections and bonds we have formed with our wish granter, Service Experts employees and other wish families. Those experiences are priceless. And, the kids would probably say the free ice cream on the ship!

What was Payton’s favorite part of the cruise experience?

Payton's favorite part about the cruise experience was our time in Mexico. He loved the culture and spending the day playing at the gorgeous beach resort we visited. He would run carefree, up & down the beach. He swam, built sand castles, and played on the inflatable jungle gym in the water. Also on the boat, he loved the waterslides...and, of course, the ice cream!

What motivates you and Payton to continue to work with Make-A-Wish by giving your time and sharing your experience with the local community?

We have experienced first- hand how Make-A-Wish can bring joy to a family, even in their darkest hours. They provide hope when our warriors are ready to give up and it's the least we can do to be able to help share that with other fighters. It's an honor to be able to work with Make-A-Wish.

Do you believe that wishes make life better for children living with critical illnesses?

Absolutely. Having a wish granted ignites a spark in children to keep fighting when their flame has burnt out. I could not believe this more!

What would you say to someone considering becoming a volunteer with Make A Wish?

Do it! Becoming a volunteer with Make-A-Wish will fill your heart more than you know. It is worth every second spent doing so and will be life changing to so many children with critical illnesses.

Why should people consider donating to help grant wishes?

Thousands of children are waiting for their wishes to be granted. Donating will help make their dream come true, and might also help save their life.

What does a wish mean to you?

To me, a wish means happiness, laughter, and being able to forget about being sick for just a bit. A wish is pure joy.

Why do wishes matter?

Wishes matter because they make a difference. They brighten children's lives when nothing else can. That is truly priceless.

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